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01-06-2008, 04:24 PM
"BOO!!!" I know.
Me and every other teenager in the world has a Mustang.
But... at least I know it's not fast?

At any rate, right now I just have this lame box in it. It's not really lame, I worked pretty hard making it. But it's not what I want.

[I want to appologize for the dirty camera. I lent it to my Mom and got it back with Gunk and didn't realize it 'till the 4th picture or so]



But this is why I want a new box/set-up:



So, I was on SketchUp, and I made a new layout.

[The top clunker is the box, and the bottom clunkers are amps and an amp rack. That hole you see is 2.5" Diameter. There's one on that side, in the middle, and on the other side designed to for all the wires through it. If that doesn't fit all the wires [I'll have to get them all up and bundle them up and see if it is] If not, I'll make two 2.5" holes, one on the top, one on the bottom.

This is all going to go up against the back seat, and the sub-box will be mounted to the top shelf inside the trunk.

That was my first SketchUp, so go easy on the ugliness.

Here's the question:

In my original Box I partitioned it off, but for this box, since size matters (;)), I was gunna share the same space. My initial thought would be the same space, but a friend of mine said it had to be at least 2x the space for 1. Is this true? If so, I can manage. I just wanted to know.