View Full Version : autometer guages and 302 intake

01-06-2008, 11:09 AM
i have some **** that needs to go. 2 autometer C2 guges NIB 0-35psi boost guage and 100-250degree tranny temp. both 2,1/16 and electrical.paid $200 sell for $125 shipped. i also have a 302 custom intake the upper is a full sheetmetal box welded to a gt40 lower fully ported for AFR heads. it is polished and comes with a 70mm BBK throttle body and is opened for a 90mm. uses stock fuel rails and needs an EGR. i used it on my 331 turbo motor and made 687hp @ 17psi. $400 takes it. cost me $1100 a year ago. its a steal!!!!!!!!!!!!