View Full Version : Retro Jordan 14's and Foamposite Lebron's

01-03-2008, 09:37 AM
The Jordans are size 11.5 and the Lebrons are 11's . both pairs were never worn outdoors, only used to play ball in so they both will show a little wear in usual places from playing in them.

I played in the Lebrons 5 times before I realized that they were just too heavy for me.

I played in the jordans more than I can remember, but they are still in good condition.

The jordans are white and forest green, the Lebrons are all black. I have around 30 pairs of basket ball shoes and my wife has thrown them all in the garage saying I have too many.

So, anything I am no longer wearing has to go, these 2 pairs are the least worn so I figured they would sell faster if at all.

The Jordans do not have a sock liner as I wear custom orthotics for my feet and knees so you will have to get your self some liners for those.

The lebrons have the integrated air liner so they are straight. I will post pics of both when I get home or saturday morning ( i am at work now) .

Oh, neither pair smells at all, for whatever reason, my feets do not stink when I play :laugh: .

Now, the retro jordans sell for a grip on ebay and such, but mine are used and I am easy so I would say $80 shipped to your feet for those.

The lebrons, you can find them on sale for under $100 right now bnib at the mall, so $75 shipped to your feets.

Or trade both pairs for anything car audio or, post what you have, oh, prices are OBO because I am not going to play in these shoes any more, and I do not where sneakers on the street, just boots in the winter and sandles in the summer!

I have a bit of feedback/refs here so feel free to inquire!