View Full Version : Canon Ikon Printer - Great for Businesses

01-02-2008, 02:44 PM
My father's company just bought a new one, so they have no use for it. My father doesn't want to trash it because it works perfectly and there are 2 toner packages included. This printer is great for businesses. It only has the black toner kit, but color kits are available. It was used for scanning manuals and large documents and printing large documents. It is located in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey.

It's one of the big printer/scanner/copier deals and it has 4 wheels so it's easy to move around.

Asking Price:$150. - The toners alone are more than this lol.

If anyone is starting a business or something and is close, let me know! I'm sure it could be shipped, I'd have to get the specifics on that though.

Open to any offers at all.

Pics will be posted in thread tonight.