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04-09-2003, 02:41 AM
OK, here is my potential setup: 10" Eclipse Aluminum 8102DVC, here are all the stats I can find on it:

fs - 26 hZ
Qts - .47
Vas - 2.10 cuft (59.4 liters)
xmax - 1.20" (30.48mm)

Now here is the part that doesn't seem to add up for me; at an optimal Qtc of .7070 the net box size comes out as 1.64 cuft, now that seems pretty big for a 10" sub. I mean, right now I have a 12" Infinity in a 1cuft box and that seems pretty average. Now if I raise the desired Qtc to .90 I get a .79 cuft box. This seems about right, but the Qtc seems a little high. Well I am not an expert on box design, actually it is the part of car audio I know the LEAST about, so I will throw out these 2 questions:

1. Can someone explain Qtc in more laymen's terms, I know that it has to do with the peaks, power handling and transient response, but can someone say that in easier to understand terms? (i.e. Qtc of 1.0 is SPL and high power handling whereas Qtc of .5 is SQ and less power handling - remember this is totally an example and is probabbly not right, I just need it nicely defined)

I have read numerous tutorials and numerous posts on here, but every time I try this myself I find it not to be as perfect results as everyone else.

feel free to e-mail "[email protected]" or IM "danzfortner"

04-09-2003, 02:43 AM
I KNOW, I KNOW, I said that I was going to ask 2 questions, here is the second one:

2. Also, am I doing these calculations correctly? Please keep in mind the setup will be purely SQ so if there is something I am forgetting about, PLEASE inform me.