View Full Version : Alpine CDA-9835 vs CDA-9887 (need input)

12-30-2007, 08:58 PM
What reasons should I pick the CDA-9887 over the CDA-9835? From what I can see the 9835 lacks the Imprint feature of the 9887, what else is better or worse about each unit? Concerned mostly about features that affect SQ only.

I am gonna try out the 9835 since I am getting it for free (along with some other sweet stuff) but I really had my heart set on getting a 9887 (almost bought one last week).

12-30-2007, 09:15 PM
If you are getting a 9835 for free this should be a no brainer :confused:

The ipod interface is much better on the 9887 then the 9835. Both have the same audio features.

Definitely a no brainer. Just wondering if giving up the Imprint ability and any other SQ features would bug me. Free is free but sometimes I get this mental thing where something is not up to what I am looking for I get the need to get something that is no matter what it is going to cost me.

How about this for a no brainer:

Audison VRx 1.500 and VRx 4.300 to replace my pair of Rockford Fosgate Punch P400-2 :eek:

**** my cousin is hooking me up. Thanks cous!!