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12-29-2007, 08:45 PM
I will have two 10" infinity 1052w woofers. The following is the spec sheet that came from infinity's website. I think I would like to make a ported box because I can make a smaller box and get a lot of bass.
http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/3903/wooferspecsheetjc6.png (http://imageshack.us)

http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/8738/wooferspecsheet2sl9.png (http://imageshack.us)

On the second sheet, it shows a sample box design. For two woofers, would I just double that design? Should there be two ports or one? Are there any rules to volume when you have two woofers in the same box? I Know very little about box design and have never designed a box.

12-29-2007, 10:09 PM
Make a box with around 3-3.5ft^3 net volume and tune it to around 30Hz unless you wanna go lower. That picture you showed said 28Hz.
If you need some help with it, just PM me. I can help you out.

12-31-2007, 01:59 PM
ok, so this box is 1x3x1 so it is 3 cu ft. volume. I am not sure how to make the port so that it is tuned for 28-30hz. Right now I just made a slot that is 9 inches long into the box and then 3 inches hooking inwards just as a mockup but I am not sure how to calculate how this slot should be.

12-31-2007, 02:00 PM
http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/1837/portedsubboxyv8.png (http://imageshack.us)

12-31-2007, 03:17 PM
yeah, ill also put up some cash in paypal like 5-10 bucks if someone can design me a box that isnt particularly large but has a LOT of bass with these two woofers.

01-01-2008, 05:15 PM

http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/3329/3cubes30hz465sqin6xu.th.png (http://img23.imageshack.us/my.php?image=3cubes30hz465sqin6xu.png)

I modeled this sample enclosure plan (from the sticky) in sketchup, does that look about right? Is 3 cu ft what I need?

01-05-2008, 06:45 PM
Ok its about 80% complete, so far so good. Ill post pictures when its complete.

Its going to have mismatched 10" woofers :crazy: till I get some more cash

this box cost me about $70 in materials so far but the thing is tough, I could probably put about 500 lbs on top.

Any tips on upholstering? I am wondering which area to start upholstering first and also where to hide the fold.

01-05-2008, 06:52 PM

Some people carpet their boxes that way^^^
Others have another method, but you have to cut your sides differently and I am sure you didnt.
both ways work fine.

01-05-2008, 07:17 PM
Okay, thanks. Im also wondering about the cheapest place to get inset handles, I might just have to cut my own out of mdf b/c I don't want to pay $30 just to add a few handles.

01-06-2008, 04:57 PM
You plan on taking your Box out a lot? >_>

If not... do you like being easily jacked?

01-06-2008, 06:26 PM
I drive a 99-00 model civic si with the blue paint so its only a matter of time anyway.

Gluing went well, the carpet looks pretty nice, Im gonna remove a couple of the staples after the glue is nice and set tomorrow. Since the box is fairly large I did the ends and then wrapped it longwise with a big piece.