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12-28-2007, 08:29 PM
Need a slot port design sub box for an 06 Scion xB -

Equipment -
12" Stereo Integrity Magnum D2
T/S Specifications -
Re: 3.5 ohms
Fs: 30.2 hz
Le: 3.5 mH
Qms: 4.75
Qes: 0.45
Qts: 0.41
Cms: 121.59
Mms: 228 g
Vas: 39.71 liters
Sd: 480 cm^2
Bl: 18.35 TM
Spl: 85.74 dB

The sub will be pushed by a Diamond D5 1200.1 (1200w @ 1 ohm)

Approx dimensions of the trunk are

from the bottom of the seat to the rear hatch is 20.5"
from the top of the rear seat to the hatch is 15"
there is 37.5" wheel well to wheel well
it's 49" total across no including the wheel well (so basically side to side)
from the bottom of the rear seat the wheel well sticks out about 12" and is 6" wide

The height from floor to rear of seat is 18"

I want this thing to slam hard - but be as compact as possible

Willing to pay for a plan - 100% feedback on ebay and paypal verified. PM if you have something in mind.

Thanks ahead of time!

12-28-2007, 09:21 PM
Stereo Integrity calls for 2ft^3 @32Hz so here ya go...

Port Width 2.5
Port Area 32.5
Port Length 36.25

I can give you all the measurements if you want them. Just shoot me a PM.