View Full Version : Help!!!! I can't get my imprint to work :0(

12-28-2007, 05:03 PM
I'll start the program and select the position I want to measure (so far I've only tried to measure the driver's and front passenger seat) and start the measurement. At about 6% of the way through the measurement I get an error -3 message. The manual says this error means "FL NO SPEAKER DETECT." I know the sound system works because I've already been playing with it. So I called Alpine tech support and they were no help. He had me turn up the amp gain and do a reset on the HU, but nothing helped. He asked me where I purchased the HU and the imprint device and when I told him I bought them off the internet from an unauthorized dealer he said "well maybe there's a problem with either the HU or the imprint." I said of course it's possible there could be a problem with one of the units, but what's the likely hood of that seeing that they're both brand new? During the measurement the computer screen is making an indication of sound coming from the left front speaker, but I'm standing right outside of the vehicle in a quiet garage and I can't hear anything coming from the stereo system at all. It acts to me like either the imprint isn't inputing any audio signal, or the HU isn't processing it, but it just seems like some kind of a system glitch that requires something to be reset, or cycled, or something. I've triple checked my connections to make sure I have everything hooked up correctly and I do. Where do I go from here?