View Full Version : Anyone played with Sony's Double Din XAV-W1 ???

12-28-2007, 11:11 AM
I've been looking at this deck for a few days now and it looks sweet from the cnet video reviews. Anyone played around with one or installed one? Don't think I'll miss the Nav since I hardly ever used my Nav on my Avic D3.

12-28-2007, 11:17 AM
It loos pretty nice. Looks like they are ~$600 online...not sure how that compares though. But I am prolly the only member who thinks it is okay to run Sony though.

12-28-2007, 12:00 PM
Ya I've always hated Sony's attempts at car stereo, but seeing this screens review off of CNET and seeing how intuitive the menus are, have me interested. I'm far from an audiophile, and hating the screen/display on my AVIC-D3 has me looking elsewhere.