View Full Version : Tweeters to match Morel MW 164 4 ohm?

12-27-2007, 02:32 AM
Hi, I have a pair of Morel MW164 coming in for a set of Q Logic kick panel. The Morel will be running active with 150 (4 ohm) rms from Arc audio XXK, band pass at 100 or 150Hz and 2kHz. (sub is a JL 10w6v2 in sealed powerwedge box w/ arc audio 190w sub ch)

Does any one has recommendation for a pair of tweeters under $80 for this car application? It will be running active with a Audison SRX2 65W/ch

I'm thinking about the Morel MDT 20 that can go down to 1200Hz, but would like any other recommendation. I'd try and mount to tweeters to a custom chamber that'd fire at the windshield for dispension.

I mainly listern to vocal/classical, with occasional trance and pop.