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12-26-2007, 10:33 PM
I gave my brother one of my old subs a few months ago, and he's pretty content with it for what he wants to do with his car/install (WRX = more horsepower than audio)

Like I said, he's happy with the sub, however the current box doesn't physically fit his trunk too well. I'd like to make him a ported box (w/ aeros) to utilize the available power more efficiently (240w rms / 350rms recommended)

The sub is a TS-W106DVC (2006 Premier 10") with these T/S specs:

Revc: Dual 3.0
Levc: 1.98
Fs: 32.9
Qms: 10.8
Qes: 0.5
Qts: 0.48
Vas: 1.829 (Cubic feet)
Rms: 2.589
Mms: 135.27
Cms: 1.7x10^-4
Diam: 9.5
Bl: 9.29
Xmax: 0.37in

I would like the box to be a slant back, with a height of 12 3/4". Max top depth: 13" deep, max bottom depth: 18" deep. Variable width to fit volume needs.

Appreciate it,

12-28-2007, 06:56 PM
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