View Full Version : Quick Review of the DLS A6 twin mono amplifier

12-25-2007, 10:12 PM
What else about DLS can be said that was not already said in my other review of the A3. Simply perfection.

Specifications take from DLS's website
Number of channels 1
Amplifier class AB
Output power in 4 ohm 500 W
Output power in 2 ohm 870 W
Mono bridge mode 4 ohm N/A
Output power in 1 ohm 1200 W
Damping factor > 200
S/N ratio, A-weighted > 100 dB
Frequency range 10 Hz - 125 Hz
Input sensitivity 0,2 - 7 V
Input impedance, high level N/A
Input impedance > 10 kohm
High pass filter Subsonic: 25 Hz
Low pass filter 50-125 Hz
External cooling fan terminal 1
Dual DC inputs 1
Remote base level control 1
Remote phase shift control 1
Integrated fan 1
Power consumption (idle) 0,6 A
Power consumption (max) 140 A
Rec. power cable Minimum 2AWG / 33 mm2
Fuses 4 x 35 A
Dimension (W x D x H) 410 x 240 x 73 mm (16,15 x 9,45 x 2,87 inch)
Weight 6,2 kg ( 13,67 lb)

When looking for an amp to power my new IDMAX 12's that I had on the way, the A6 was my first choice. Obviously to keep all my amplification DLS, Including the fact that it matched my A3's in size and look. & specifically because it was capable of sending 1200W of clean class a/b power to them. Just never been a fan of class D amps. Not that they are bad, just not my choice and most likely never will be.

The A6 is a monster power house that was able to top such fine amps as Audisons LRX1.400, Emphaser EA1600D, ESX SX-1000, Helix A1 competition "which I almost purchased instead, glad I did not" & the JL E1400D as tested.

This amp is easily able to deliver the goods! It can overpower my two IDMAX's and never give up. It does draw a CRAZY amount of power doing so. On a reg basis even under music, I have seen the amp draw meter peg over 130 amps. Also when hammering away at this current level at 1 ohm, she gets BLISTERING hot, I mean fry an egg hot.. Scar your arms hot "cough orion hcca haha" but so far has not shut down. This amp you should NOT keep under covers. It needs all the venting when driven hard you can give it.

When taking the cloths off the A6, you get a feeling that it was designed straight off of an A3. While the boards are slightly different, the layout is very similar / beefed up. The power connections and even speaker connection are beefcake.

In short, if you’re looking for one of the best SQ amps available to make lots of noise not associated with SQ, or just an amp with more headroom than you can ever use. The A6 comes with the highest of recommendations. As said before, this could be a lifetime purchase for you. It is just that good :)

If DLS ever makes home amplifiers equal to there car amplifiers, they have a customer! And that says a LOT about the quality of there gear.