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12-25-2007, 12:07 AM
Well, here's what I'm doing. I'm trying to create a great SQ system in my BMW 325Cic. I have an eclipse cd 8053(headunit), cdt es-643(3-way comps for front), one set of cdt imaging tweeters, cdt 10" sq sub, xtant 603x(3 channel w/ passive 5) + 604x(4 channel) amps, audiocontrol dql w/ ddc. Since the trunk eats the bass so badly I'm mounting it in the back seat in the ski bag location. I am putting the 6.5" in a custom ported door pod enclosure, and the 4" mids will be attached to the doors also, but in a small sealed enclosure. I will also be putting the tweeters right next to the mids. Basically, floor pods were out of the question because its a stick and I need somewhere to rest my foot. I am also going to mount the imaging tweeters in the a-pillars for better staging. I am going completely active. The sub will be low passed around 100hz, mid bass from 100-300/400, mids from 300/400-3000, tweets 3000+. All will be time aligned by headunit. I may put the main tweets and mids on one channel as they will be right beside each other. This will free up my last channel for the imaging tweeters to have independent time alignment.

My main question is this.. Any ideas on what direction I should face my port? The 6.5s will be angled, but the degree will depend on the staging produced. Is there any optimal location? Should I fire them the same direction as the drivers are firing? Or should I fire them forward into the floor area under the dash?

Here are some starter pics...


This is the frame for what will be mounted in the back seat's compartment. There is metal between this space and the trunk, so I will be connecting this to the rest of the box in the trunk with fiberglass.


This is the rest of the enclosure from the trunk view. There is a mdf back that goes on and will be fiberglassed as well.


Here it is after about 6 layers of glass.. There is lots of space in the center that will be cut out, so the white is not of concern.


I mounted some bolts into the fiberglass to firmly attach it to the trunk while fiberglassing it to the mounting frame. Also put on the back of the box and put a layer of glass on the inside.


Taped up the door panels to make molds.


Starting the mold


Finished drivers side mold.

Don't forget my question! Where to put the ports for the midbass??

12-25-2007, 12:14 AM
dora the explorer cups ftw?lol .......... nice btw

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dora the explorer cups ftw?lol .......... nice btw

Haha, those are the smallest disposable cups that wall-mart had! (the fact that you know it is "dora the explorer" kind of worries me though? :D lol

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Nice build so far, looks like its going to be very promising.....

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mmm id love to put dora up to MY Lips

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No one has input as to port placement?

12-31-2007, 09:56 PM
bump... has anyone ported their mid-basses? any ideas where the best mounting location for ports up front is? They will be in the doors...