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12-23-2007, 10:39 PM
Turns out I was a member here long ago, hell I didnt even remember LOL

Hello, packy.
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Well, I recently bought an 01 Volvo C70 coupe. I love it, the car is a dream. The sound system is good. All Dynaudio drivers 10 of them, with the factory sc-816 HU. Im waiting on the dealer to replace 1 dash speaker and hope that will fill some of the sounds of the rear being overly loud.

Anyways, I want to replace the HU. I want to get one with Aux in, perhaps Bluetooth, it has to have a customizable EQ. I want to retain the drivers and the 4x60 amp unless I can replace it with a 4x100 factory( hell it is made by Alpine).

Im also planning on add a sub enclosure, single driver with my Memphis Audio amp.

I have been out of the loop of after market HU for a long time. Whats good out there?

I know the Volvo's especially the C70 are a pain to get items for. I already tracked down the Install kit and the wire harness.

So whatever suggestions you guys can come up with would rock, thanx.