View Full Version : help me pick!

12-21-2007, 11:39 PM
alright guys im gonna pick up one of those crunch gp3000s and run it on my 15 in. mojo..the sub box is taking place of the backseats in my vr-4..so im gonna need some really loud 6.5s for my front doors..

i plan to get either the rf 25 to life punch 150 or 75 to power whatever these badboys may be..$400 is the max i can do..really more like $350 on these bad boys..the list i've put together so far is:

Boston Acoustics Pro60s
CDT Audio EF-61FG/TW25 PRO
Diamond Audio S600a
MB Quart QSD216 (Q-Series)
Rainbow CMX 265 Kick

throw your guys opinions out on which amp and speakers i should get..