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12-17-2007, 04:57 PM
Hi guys I have done a search on ports and such and I am a little overwhelmed:eek:. I am planing on building a box to go underneath my back seat in my 02 chev ext silverado.

I currently have a Prefab sealed box that sounds OK, but I know I can get better out put from my Arsenal 10.

What I am wondering is what kind of port options I have? Basicly what I will be doing is recreating the prefab box with 3/4 mdf and I will be extending it out another Half foot from underneath the back seat which is where the port/ports will go. I would like to use the round ports if possible.

Here is the specs on the Arsenal 10:


It requires 1.2cu.ft after displacement which I will be able to get with ease. It will need to be tuned to 35. I will have about 12inch for depth on the port, I just dont know about how to determine the size of the port? 3inch?4in? 6in? how long?

When I did my searching I have found a few calculaters but they give me data for a slot port. Also this box will not be square, it will basicly be a wedge so it will fit under the seat.

Any help would be great,

Thanks Guys,