View Full Version : HU with USB Control

12-17-2007, 01:27 AM
For those who have the new HU with USB control. Does this just act like a AUX import or does it made directly to hook up MP3 player? what i talking about is that will you be able to control..change, Mp3 flies directly from the HU or do u have to manually change songs through the MP3 player itself...Will this be able to charge my Mp3 player? I got a Micro Clip sandisk MP3 player (2gb) that i bought from Bestbuy for $60...


will i be able to hook it through a HU with a USB control? The Sandisc is kinda like a mini version of a IPOD...which can be charge directly by hooking up to a pc. Im not a big fan of IPOD..since they like to *** up or froze..once in a while.