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12-12-2007, 12:45 PM
Friend of mine said he had bought some tweeters for his car and that they were very loud and sounded really nice. Sadly, due to the level of general car audio knowledge in this area my expectations weren't really high to begin with. But I decided to offer a bit of optimism and asked to see and hear these new tweeters.

Now in a community of Jensen, Audiobahn and Walmart flavor subs and ofcourse those little metallic chromed plastic tweeters with the convenient clip-on for air vent mounting, my phoenix gold rsd set, as modest of a component system it was, was very foreign. Heh, component systems are extremely scarce and unknown of. Most car audio setups do not run any of their high and mid speakers off of an amp but strictly off the HU and active crossovers or passive crossovers? Unheard of, because in this perfect world, the only true crossover is "built-in". ;)

So immediately he turns his volume up as I heard the tweeters in all of their glory. They were very loud, very high-pitch as expected sounding similar to an extremely high pitch form of static repeating notes consecutively to the beat of the "flavor of the month" rap song.

These were tweeters that everyone was bragging on? As I heard countless times up to that point, about how loud the tweeters were and how amazing they sounded. And how they sounded much louder than my tweeters. Indeed they did sound plenty louder then my cheap-o off-brand phoenix gold rsd tweets(sarcasm ftw).

Anyways, not impressed but in a situation like that would you do anything other than nod your head and say "Sounds good.". I doubt it.

12-12-2007, 12:48 PM
Meh that kind of stuff happens to me all the time, all I figure I can do is casually acknowledge them and realize I would be wasting my time trying to explain why their stuff ***** and what they should do.

12-12-2007, 12:55 PM
I'm too old to give a fat rat's arse. I have and will continue to comment about stupid or ungodly awful sounding equipment. If they want to learn or understand why, I will explain. If they don't, I don't even try. But I will still tell them it ***** if it does :)

12-12-2007, 01:19 PM
i think its either:

a. the recording


b. clipping/overpowering

Gary S
12-12-2007, 05:09 PM
A friend of mine got a new single cab pickup truck years ago, asked me for help with a system... we went down to the local car audio wholesale distributor with my resale license... picked up the biggest 4-channel amp and the flavor of the month tens for behind the seat... in the doors, I gave him some Altec carbon fiber speakers I had in the closet... some of the best sound quality comps at the time... simple, basic system but good parts and well put together... sounded great... system got stolen a few years later, and he went back to a lousy factory system in his next vehicle... when asked about it, he just shrugged and said, "Sounds okay to me, why spend money on an aftermarket system?!"

My girlfriend has heard my previous system (selling cars and have no tunes for the moment now)... soundstream amps, shiva subs, matrix surround, Focal utopia comps in the kicks... I have offered on two occasions to upgrade her stock system... this coming from a 20 year car audio veteran and ex JL Audio employee... she has no interest... all she cares about is her factory 6-disc changer and the factory system... I've wowed musicians and seasoned installers with my installs... to her, my car is a boom system.

What is the old saying? - Different strokes for different folkes... good for them if they can't hear the difference... they will save a lot of money not having to buy expensive gear. More power to them.

Some people just don't appreciate good sound... it's a fact of life, and I have learned to accept it... after they have heard your system and still can't hear the difference, yes... you should just nod your head.