View Full Version : Stetsom 7K

12-12-2007, 01:21 AM
OUTstanding amp, compared to my modded Hk4000d ( which caught fire btw) but cant really compare that, its like apples to oranges. have it running my 2 18 Btl's @ 1ohm. gains about half way up. clean bass, louder, deeper. less draw and no voltage drop compared to the Hk. have 4 kinetik HC2400's and a HC 1800 under the hood, 220 alt, pretty stout electrical for the amp, at idle and driving voltage never drop below 13.8 and 14v. would recommend it for tons of power, i will get another one and link them for over 14K. very very impressed with this amp.

Stetsom...Unlimted Power