View Full Version : Enclosure for 2 10" IDQ's

12-11-2007, 05:38 PM
I just scored a nice deal on a pair of 10" IDQ's. Just wondering how I should build the box. I was thinking 2 cubes ported, but not sure what to tune to. I'm not looking to go any higher than 28 Hz and I will be using a single 3" flared aero. I have two of em I can choose from with different lengths. One of them will tune to 21 Hz, and the other will tune to 22.5 Hz. I can cut the ports and re-attach but if it's okay to stay with these tuning frequencies, I'll stick to that.

I will be using this for a couple weeks in my Accord trunk, and afterwards will use for HT.

Any suggestions would be great. Also, if a different enclosure size is recommended, please let me know....thanks.