View Full Version : Rainbow CMX 265 Kicks

12-11-2007, 11:19 AM
these speakers are great.. at first i wasnt very impressed with them (they sounded good but were built up too much)

after doing some tuning i couldnt imagine a set of speakers sounding "that much" better... i toned down the 1-4k range because it seemed a little harsh.. but after RTAing them i realized it was actually a pretty flat response before i tuned them.. they just get loud... and handle the 250 watts i give them with a 80hz hpf pretty much with ease..

the tweeters are not harsh at all.. and their dispertion is amazing... i have the mids in the doors and the tweets in the kicks and if you turn out the lights so you cant see the speakers... you can swear the sound is coming from high in the dash..

a lot of ppl dont understand that because these speakers are "kick bass" means they dont need a subwoofer or will play very deep.. but this is very untrue.. these speakers are designed for a subwoofer and won't play well from the 20-70 range.. but the 80-200 range they pound...