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04-04-2003, 03:30 PM
I'm building a new box for my subs. I'm planning on buying a couple 12" Shiva's (on a budget), to replace my over a decade old Pyle Pros. I'm building a ported box to fit the Shiva's, tuned to about 33htz. (daily driver playing rock and rap more often then not). The box will be 2 cu ft. per sub. While I save for the Shiva's I will be putting my existing 12"s in the box and leaving it sealed for the time being.

My questions are two-fold. Should I leave the box interior open or devide the two chambers for each sub?

Also, this is going into a large trunk, but since it's a daily driver I want to keep some trunk space. I'm angling the front of the box to push it all the way up against the back of the seat. I'll be removing my 6x9's and the arm rest that comes out of the middle of the back seat to allow the bass to filter into the cab better. Is there anything else I should know that might improve the sound or bass into the cab? BTW, my trunk and back seat wall are SDed but I didn't cover the holes between the seat and the trunk.

Anyway, thought I pick some brains. I hate the idea of firing my subs into the backs of the seats (they were in the hatch of a Z-28 so I'm used to them being open), but I don't see any other way. They're in the same box from my Z now, facing the back of the trunk. They work, but they're now nearly loud enough for me (small sealed enclosure).

Thanks for your help. God bless you all! :)

Randy Savage
04-04-2003, 03:37 PM
Well, with sealed boxes, I say go with a separate chamber, there is always a chance of you blowing both subs, just bacause one blew.

And the subs firing into the car should be fine, if you've deadened everything around it, there shouldn't be a problem.