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12-09-2007, 03:55 AM
Have a hatchback Jeep and have the following equipment thus far:

JL 12w6v2 w/ JL 500/1 amp
JL 300/4 amp

looking to get a pioneer premier deh-p980bt (any suggestions to the contrary?)

what speakers would go well with this setup (6.5) ? I have ordered boston acoustics sl60 for the front & sl65 for the back, but am considering sending them back and getting something better if it is recommended. Thanks for the help.

12-09-2007, 05:39 AM
what can i say...i love CDT

12-09-2007, 01:46 PM
Thank you. Any others?

Also, I want to know if the JL 300/4 should be enough with the 12w6 and 500/1, or should I send it back and upgrade to a 450/4 (or another amp for that matter since I see a lot of people seem to think JL is way overpriced here).

Just looking for suggestions.. I mainly listen to rock, rap, and dance. I have a ported box right now for my JL sub, I think it's tuned to 40hz (which I'm sure some say is too much, but I don't know how I would correct that without getting another box built). I'm definitely looking for SQ with very little or no distortion, but with the abilitly for SPL when called for. Also, my budget for these speakers is about $500 (front and back), but I'm willing to spend a bit more if it's worth it. Remember, I only have one 12w6v2 powered by a 500/1, and I want something that fits the setup (not overkill). If the speakers you recommend are not a good fit for the 300/4, then please recommend another amp. Thanks again guys.

12-09-2007, 02:54 PM
sure there's plenty of others. focal, morel, rainbow's got a huge boner on here lately (i auditioned vanadium's and germaniums and i didnt like them at all), polk's SR comps, some DIY stuff is available, DLS, JL, Diamond, Hertz (carries a hefty price tag), and many others

honestly, id send the amp back and grab a 2 channel if you're planning to use components. reason being is, dont do a cheaper set upfront and a cheaper set behind. put the money where you'll hear it....just do one ****n good pair in the front. your rear speakers are just there for fill, dont waste money on them.

your other option, which isn't a bad one either, is to keep the amp and run an active setup with no passive crossovers. this would work out fine as well.

from the CDT line, based on your tastes, i suggest the ES-062i Gold. Even better, you could replace the standard ES-06 driver with ES-06+ driver for even more midbass impact. I listen to rock, rap, trance, and dance stuff myself and ES-06+'s just give killer midbass impact on that stuff. and there's no need to pay retail for CDT. if you know where to look, you can get stuff for hundreds off ;) .

12-09-2007, 04:03 PM
With the JL amp, I can bridge it and make it a 300/2. Would you suggest that, or should I go get a 450/4 amp and run the speakers you speak of and get some more for the rear (less expensive) for fill. I would like to have rear speakers as I believe they will help the listening experience of someone sitting in the back, or is that false? Also, what do you think of Clif Designs QX6500C ? I can get them cheap as **** right now at a certain site. And again, you think the CDT would go well with the 12w6v2 sub? Thanks again for the help.

12-09-2007, 11:13 PM
I'm disappointed I haven't received anymore feedback. :( I really want to be sure that I have the right speakers before I pay to have everything professionally installed. Like I said I have a 12w6v2 in a ported box that will be powered by a 500/1 amp and I need speakers that will go along nicely with that. As said earlier, I have a hatchback jeep, and I am willing to spend a few $$ for some nice speakers, and I will upgrade my JL 300/4 amp if need be. Currently, I have Boston Acoustics SL 60 for the front and SL 65 for the rear w/ the 300/4 amp. Will this be enough, or should I get something else? (I am considering rainbow geranium 265.25 components as well as JL XR's... open to other **** as well) :confused: Everything is still unopened and I can still return everything, so I need answers for this. I basically want a suggestion from someone who knows what the **** they're doin to let me know whether what I have is fine, or if I should definately upgrade (I don't want my 12w6v2 to drown out my speakers - I want something that can keep up nicely w/ it). I mainly listen to rock, rap, trance & electronic, & metal. Also, I am leaning toward a Pioneer Premier DEH-P980BT head unit; any recommendations to the contrary? Suggestions needed. Thx.