View Full Version : Experience with PHOENIX GOLD Ti6 Comp ELITE component speakers?

12-06-2007, 09:10 PM
I am lookin to upgrade to these at the start of the new year. They will be installed in the doors a 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII (no kick panels). I will be using the Alpine PDX line of amps. Most likely a PDX 4.150 for these components and the rear stage and a PDX 1.600 for the sub. I can add another amp if neccessary.

In the search for info/feedback on these components, some posted on another message board that these components only like around 150 watts RMS, even though they are rated at 300 watts RMS. He direced me to this message board as the source for this claim. After searching here, I found a post by someone on another forum who said a buddy of his had problems with the tweets blowing when the component set was given full power (at least that is what I got from reading it). I don't wanna give these components too much and ruin them, especially for the price are rareness of these components

I also have a pair of 10" kicker solobarics (old school round style SQ subs; S10d's) that are powered by an Eclipse XA1000. By powered, I mean underpowered. They barely produce any bass (hence another motivation to change the set up at the beginning of the year).
I don't wanna underpower the components and get less then optimal performance from the woofer

Here are my questions:
(1)Can the PG Elaite components handle the power they are rated at or not?

(2)If they can't handle the rated power, in your opinon, then what power would you recommend running them at?

(3)For those running these components, what has been your experience? What kind of power are the speakers getting in your setup? Are they in kick panels, or doors? is the midbass underpowered? Basically, feedback please.

(4) This is about rear fill. The factory holes in the rear are for 5x7's, though I could probably modify them for 6x9's. If the PG Elites are seeing 300 watts RMS, would the rear fill speakers be drowned out if they aren't getting the same power (assuming they are rated for it)? In other words, do I need to balance the front and rear stages as far as power is concerned to keep from an imbalance in volume here? Also, any recommendations for rear fill speakers?

Sorry for the long post; just wanna have all my ducks in a row before I do the install. Thanks in advance for any and all input, it is greatly appriciated. :)

12-07-2007, 06:35 AM
i was looking into these when buying my speakers - i never heard em or dealt with them in person but from what i was told they love power... but takes alot to get them moving... the midbass i heard was good but another thing to take into consideration is that im pretty sure they are discontinued if you run into any problems - but plz let other ppl comment on this cause as i said i have no personal expierence and dont wanna lead ya the wrong way...

when it comes to rear fill - if you have a properly tuned setup its really not needed.. infact you are probaly better off ditching the rears and put that extra money towards better front speakers or another part of your setup (sound deadening for example)

if you do add it - i suggest only mid's without tweets this way it wont pull the image as much and defently dont spend a lot of money on rear fill.. you can usually find a sweet spot where it will sound good even tho a lot of ppl here will argue with you about "sound stage" if one overpowers the other just use the fader control..

12-07-2007, 03:03 PM
They love power, and tons of it.. They can handle every bit of that 300 watts... One thing I strongly suggest is, dont even consider getting these, if you plan on running them in undeadend doors. They need to be sealed... Great sounding set though, I wouldnt hesitate...

12-07-2007, 03:04 PM
I think faulkton runs these.