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12-05-2007, 06:26 PM
I'm just looking for some decent 5.25" speakers... I want to add some tweeters and mid-bass speakers to the front door, but I have no clue how to get the panel off, and what I would be getting myself into in making some basic mounts...

They will be getting roughly 45w each. I might be able to do more, but it is a Sony amp... I'm thinking realistically I will get ~45wx4 @4ohm... It's a 600w max Xplod amp..

12-05-2007, 06:27 PM
Nice amp ;)

12-05-2007, 06:28 PM
Nice amp ;)

I know! lol... Gotta get some scrwes for the wire terminals... They are an odd size..

(BTW I see what you meant about the packaging.)

12-05-2007, 06:43 PM
Hmmm... I would LIKE to order from parts express... But they hardly have any 5.25's... They just have a really really good deal on carpet...
Anyways, here is what I found there...

The obvious differences is that one is 2 way while the other is 3 way... Not sure about the quality of either though...

12-06-2007, 12:54 AM
Anyone? Also should I put some sort of sound deadening behind it? How does the spray on stuff work?

Rich B
12-06-2007, 12:57 AM
Try Madisound, they have several 5.25" speakers.

(Just be sure and get 4ohm)


12-06-2007, 01:12 AM
How are Alpine speakers?
Or Rockfords?

12-06-2007, 01:19 AM
memphis m-classes are good

12-06-2007, 01:24 AM
memphis m-classes are good

Where do they sell them?

12-06-2007, 01:27 AM
You're obviously not wanting to spend too much, but you do have options for Components if you would rather have the separates. Hifonics, are a cheap, reliable brand. I had the set listed below, but I wanted to try out Hypnotic speakers, and I got mine at a steal so I grabbed them, and sold the Hifonics. With your Sony amp, you could run a simple 2 way active setup, if you'd want the amp dedicated to the front stage.

http://cgi.ebay.com/HIFONICS-ZXi5-2C-ZEUS-5-25-450W-COMPONENT-SPEAKERS-NEW_W0QQitemZ120192961665QQihZ002QQcategoryZ32818Q QssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

12-06-2007, 01:28 AM
Where do they sell them?


12-06-2007, 02:11 AM
Ok.. What exactly do the crossovers do for me? Also for the tweeters.. Do they get their own channel? Like are the hooked up the same a "normal" speaker.. I mean I could run a third amp, so I have 6ch...

12-06-2007, 08:30 PM
Well, I think I am going to be getting those HiFonics speakers. They are 45$ shipped for just the 2 5.25's...

Anyways, is there any reason I would want to buy the component set over just the 2 speakers? I'm thinking about ordering tonight.