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12-02-2007, 11:46 PM
Hey, I'm brand new to this forum, but i've been into car sterios for about 11 years. I just recently bought 2 stroker 15's off the internet. It is my first internet purchase of audio equiptment, due to the lack of places around here to buy stuff that I want. I want to build my own enclosure for 2 stroker 15's in my honda CRX. I have access to a big wood shop (Air Force Base hobby shop)I want this box to HAMMER!!! I'm going with a huge vented box (duh?) but I just wondered if there was anybody out there with a similar set-up and new anything about what these subs like , and if there were any suggestions on how to fire the vent, or general specs on the box. I was thinking of firing the subs off the glass and firing the vent back, in a large square basic box. Should I make 2 separate chambers and two vents? Or one big box and vent? I have a Hifonics Colossus 2, so they should get around 1600RMS a piece. I have plenty of room to work with, so what would be the best cubic air space for these woofers? I want it to be able to hit a full range, not just SPL (a little on the low side of course) and sound good with music, not really concerned with competition. But I may hit a comp or two. I'm starting over fresh with these subs and amp. I want to take my time and build this box right, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....Thanks:cool:

12-16-2007, 11:26 AM
wow, nobody replied yet. Is using round ports really that bad? Should I tune it to 35 or 38 Hz for everyday listening?