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12-02-2007, 11:40 AM
I have gone shopping and have narrowed it down to these...

PPI 356cs - I can get for 229 a pair.

Pioneer TS-C720PRS - 249 a pair

Boston Acoustics PRO 60 - 299 a pair

Powered by JBL PX300.4

4 Channel Amplifier
4 x 123.5 Watts @ 4 ohm
4 x 300 Watts @ 2 ohm
2 x 358 Watts @ 4 ohm bridged
600 Watts max power
Full-range preamp outputs
Slope-selectable variable electronic crossovers
Frequency response: 16Hz to 500Khz
Sensitivity: 76.64dB
Dimensions (H x W x D): 2-9/16" x 17" x 12-1/4"

I am getting 2-sets of speakers to go into my 03 Monte Carlo SS, opinions, and other suggestions welcome.

I have read reviews on all three on the net, but still cant decide, also heard all three in person, but am still not sure which I want to get.

12-02-2007, 12:31 PM
If you listened to all 3, you have to know which one you like best lol

They're all good speakers, just let your ears make the decision now