View Full Version : Box size for two woofers, why so big?

12-01-2007, 05:09 PM
OK, so here are some somewhat noob questions but why does a box for two woofers have to be twice as large? I know it sounds like "well *******, twice the speaker, twice the volume" but when I think about it, doesnt the volume of air inside the enclosure just determine the resistance on the cone when it moves...like for a sealed box, a really small enclosure is going to limit the XMAX and a super large sealed box may make the woofer bottom out?

I understand that some "dual" boxes are split, meaning they are like two seperate boxes joined together, and some are just a big empty space.

It seems like a box that share the same box volume would "bottom" out or think they are in a very large enclosure.

For example, say a sub is recomended to have 1.5cft sealed and 2.5cft vented per woofer...does that mean a "common volume" box of 5cft vented and 3cft sealed wouldwork perfect?

Ir just seems like a box of 1.5cft or maybe slightly larger (like 2cft) would be perfect because each sub thinks its in that box without another woofer.

Just trying to understand box design a little bit more.

12-01-2007, 05:18 PM

read, young grasshoppah