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11-29-2007, 05:48 PM
Hi all new to the boards Iím hoping this is the place to be. Well Iím planning my first install which I will be doing myself over the weekend.

I have a bmw e46 Compact so far this is my system setup
System Setup
Alpine IVA-W200Ri - Media Centre
1 Alpine MRV-T420 Amp
2 Alpine MRD Ė M1005
2 Alpine SWX-1043D Subs
Alpine SPX-137R Component speakers
2 7" TME-M780 Screens
NVE-N099P Navigation System
Alpine TUE-T150DV TV Tuner
XBOX 360

As you can see Iím a fan of alpine.

I've been thinking of doing a boot build on scale of 1 - 10 as a DIY job how would those that have done it rate it?

Iím want to fit 2 matching Amps under a false floor with some Perspex glass to show off the amps all the wiring has been done already so it's just about building the floor panels. As I have never done anything like this before what would I need to get the job done and how long does it take.

Do the bottom and top panels have to be the same size and shape and how would I mount the bottom panel to the car. I was thinking of using 18mm ply wood or pine with 5mm Perspex would this work well.

Would I need any fans to cool the amps or would the gap in-between the top and bottom panels are sufficient enough to cool the amps

I also have 13sq ft of Dynamat premium gold which I got dirt cheap would this be enough for sound deadening of the car panels.

I'm planning ( Fingers crossed HOPES ) to do something like the picture below :laugh: