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matrxx dude
11-18-2007, 08:36 PM
Eric Alexander (Team Maxxsonics/Team Livewire) just won 2 World Titles as well as 2 World Records at MECA Finals today.

First, he won MX3 with a 162.6!
That's crazy loud and well over the former world record.

Second, he won Drive By DB5 with a score of 136.7dB!!!...136.7dB!!!!
That's about 3db over the former world record and 3dB over over Tommy McKinneys record!

Stearn was so shocked with the score that he gave Eric an opportunity to back it up just to prove to the doubters that would no doubt come out of the wood work.
Eric said not problem and I'll turn it up a pinch more if you want.
The whole place went nearly silent as Eric went through again.
This time he was doing 137 and some change and just before it was over, the windshield blew out and his score fell from 137.? to like 135.9.

There were plenty of video cameras so someone will post it soon.
In case you are wondering, a lot of people complained about the meters being a little tight.

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matrxx dude
11-18-2007, 08:39 PM
no doubt