View Full Version : Solo X 18 Box Plan help......

11-17-2007, 05:44 AM
i have a design up for this solo x 18 i have straped with 2 2500.1 zx amps and im in the building process of my wall now the only thing is that im trying to think what the best tuning of the box would be and how it should be hitting......i have port on driver side and sub on passenger side tuned at 45dz at 9.6cuft in a 95 honda civic. i compete with MECA and its metered at the headrest so....yea kinda ***** but owell..... any ideas if u can help me on a box that would help out alot as well. my deminsion max is 42"Wide, 33"tall, and 20"depth, any ideas let me kno thanks.