View Full Version : HELP 2007 civic design ideas

11-17-2007, 02:08 AM
I am seriously drawing a blank on ideas for my install I would like any ideas you may have for my system. First of all I have a 2007 honda civic 4door, my system consists of 2 mtx 12" 9512-04, 2 phoenix gold zpa 0.5(1200watts) one for each sub, phoenix gold zpa 0.3 (600 watts), for a set of focal 165 k2p's, a bass cube, line driver and a kenwood ddx8019, that pretty well sums it up other than a battery which I havn't got yet. I have bassBox 6.0 pro and best I can tell 4.74 total or 4.077 vb tuned to 26hrtz will give me the proper xmax range and creating the most spl. I have 40" accross 16" high and 18" deep and with the angle of the seat the box is 4 cubes vb roughly. I need to utilize the space I have for the amps n such so my first question is will firing the subs forward be ok or should I fire up through the rear deck also I would love any design ideas you have as I say I am drawing a blank I am good with glassing and bondo so any complex ideas would be awsome. I would gladly pay anyone for there time thanks in advance...