View Full Version : porting box, need help .....

03-31-2003, 12:24 AM
hi, right now i have a JL Audio 12w6v2 in a sealed box, i am very happy with it.
i just found a great deal on another one for $250 new in box so im buying that
and i think i want to go with a ported box for a little more SPL
what dimensions should the box be and the slot port for (2) JL 12w6v2
i have a JL Audio 1000/1 that i will run to it... and i still want a good mix of SQ and SPL, any help would be appreciated

oh by the way... this is a going in an extended cab ranger

03-31-2003, 12:29 AM
you need to see how big of a box you want/can build...it will take quite a bit..what do you want to tune it to..


03-31-2003, 12:34 AM
5 ft^3 tuned to 30hz would take a slot port 10x3 and 13.37 inches long! Give us a little more info and we can help you out a little more

03-31-2003, 01:54 AM
well for tuning... im not sure... i want it to sound good
but be loud when i need it to be

and i have about 40" x 20" x 36" (LxWxH) to work with
any programs tell you what size slot port to use?? or any formulas?