View Full Version : Hertz Hsk-165

10-12-2007, 10:21 PM
I finally got around to installing these babies. I did a few more upgrades at the same time. New HU, ALL new wiring, Dynamat.... Took a little while to dial in the Pioneer 880PRS. I decided to use the active crossover within the 880 and bi-amp my speakers and save the HERTZ passives for something else. I bridged my Memphis 16-MCH1300 for [email protected] X 2 for the mids and the sub side would be [email protected] for the 2 subs. My Memphis Audio 16-MCA3004 is bridged at [email protected] X 2 for the tweets.

I sampled several different formats of music. I continued to play with the EQ and the crossover slopes. After a little work I have finally found the SWEET spot. These things sound great. They love some power. I like clean and clear music. My home 2 channel system is comprised of the likes of Macintosh, Classe, Conrad Johnson, B&W and the so on. I can honestly say that I can walk from my AV room to my truck and find the same quality of music.

I'm sure there are countless systems that would shame my meek set-up. But for me, this is what I've looked for in my ride's system. I can have the best of most worlds. I'll never be able to go for the db drags. I mean I could. I have all the resources to do it. Money, Time, Money, Creative Ability, Money and Connections. But I'd rather hear the clearest, cleanest and most defined reproduction of the music as possible. At the same time I want to be able to crank the sh*t and have it sound good. THAT is what these speakers have done. They play really well at LARGE volume and surprise you at lesser volumes with a sweet and crisp mid section. The highs are calm and cool. They have a subtle richness that make you take notice of what is happening. Clear, crisp, clean and calm. Both blend well with one another.