View Full Version : Speaker sound.

10-12-2007, 12:34 AM
I just bought two new Sony speakers. From what I have read here, it sounds like a bunch of you don't particularly like Sony speakers? Anyways, I mostly bought them b/c it seemed like a good deal. I buy a Sony deck, and get and Sony speakers half off, so I get 70$ speakers for 35$...

I am working on getting them installed, but they are going into a space originally designed for 5&1/4" speakers and these are 6&1/2's. Right now they sound pretty bad. I just want to know is it worth getting new holes drilled, and maybe putting some filler behind them? Or should I just retirn them and get some speakers that will actually fit and sound better?

If buying new speakers is the case which ones would you guys recommend? Could I get something better for ~35$?