View Full Version : Pioneer TS-D691R VS kicker KS693

10-02-2007, 07:21 AM
Hi guys , I'm new here in this Forum and i found it Usefull , So plz Don't Disappoint me .


http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_6377_--+ON+SALE-+--+Kicker+055KS693+KS693.ht ml

Which is better , The amp would be zx350.4
I want them for my Brother He has DD 1510 sub + DD M1a .

I am also thinking about the Kicker RS 6.5 , Are they any Good ??
Or the KS6.5 would be better ?

thanks alot

10-02-2007, 02:39 PM
The REVs are really nice coaxials!

Do you want to get him components for the front too? How much do you want to spend?

10-02-2007, 05:34 PM
I loved those rev's. Actually have those for sale...Been forsale...
EMAIL ME if you are interested. [email protected]

10-03-2007, 04:48 AM
Thank you Tbayz1 , But are they better than the kicker's KS series.

And sure i want a front comp , But i need to choose from these brands, Cuz am not in USA, I'm In Jordan and we don't have everything here .

MAC Audio

a Few RainBow , But Expensive
a Few Focal's Also Expensive

So i'm thinking about the RS series from kicker, Are they any Good .???

And one more thing , Untill Now i could n't unnderstand the diff between the Comp's & Coxial's ??
I beleive they are SAME ..

Sorry am out of US, Shipping will be EXPENSIVE.
Thanx by the Way

10-03-2007, 06:22 AM
Personally I think the REVs are better than the Kickers, the Kickers are alright though.

There IS a difference between coaxials and components. Heres a basic way of explaining it.

Coaxial-Where the tweeter and the mid are all in one/

Component-Where the tweeter is separate from the mid, and has a crossover.

*Keep in mind, if you get components you have to amp them in order to make them really sound good and live up to their potential. Not amping them is like starving them lol, Coaxials on the other hand can be run off the HU, but like any speaker they would sound better amped, but you can run them off a HU and they'll sound good!

For components, since I already suggested REV coaxials, look at the 6.5 Pioneer REV components.

The Kickers arent decent.

Rainbows and Focals are really amazing!!!! There are actually 3 Rainbow dealers on this site, you can get some Rainbow SLC265s for like $280?

Go out and listen to what you like better too if you can!

10-03-2007, 11:51 AM
I agree on the Pioneer REVs. The Kicker KS series fails to impress me in the same manner.

I would really recommend components for the front if you can get a hold of an amp. 2x65-100 w rms if you're going to amp just the fronts, 4x50-100w rms for front an rear.

10-12-2007, 07:43 PM
in my country there are No REV comp , Just kicker
comp KS6.5 , RS6.5 ... OR i should get a KS coaxial 6x9 or pioneer REV coaxial 6x9

What do u think ??