View Full Version : ques. about portable HD for Head unit use

09-29-2007, 09:13 PM
well im upgrading my old kenwood deck in my van up to a pioneer deh 6900 with the usb input, and i seen that its able to operate a usb device like a flash drive/hard drive, anyone have any recommendations as to which portable hard drive to get?. i will be building a mounting location for the hard drive to rest when i have it in the van so its not just siting somewhere in the way ect. but is there one thats more durable than another or are they all built on the same shock design?

i know the bigger the Hd the more it can hold, but i dont see myself useing anything more than 20-30gigs of hd space and that would take some time to fill up and size of the unit doesnt matter much as long as its usb conection i dont thing the usb 2.0 will work tho