View Full Version : Sony CDX-GT710 HPF alternative?

09-27-2007, 12:38 PM
Hello guys, im new to the community but im really starting to get into the car audio thing...

I just bought a Sony CDX-GT710 for my 04 Stratus RT with the 7 speaker infinity system in it, its actually the first aftermarket audio equipment I have put in my car.

Anyways, I noticed after I bought the head unit that it had an LPF but didnt have an HPF, which I need because its sending too low frequencies to my mids and highs and its making the speakers flutter, which I know isnt good.

Ive played with the equalizer settings for hours and havent found a way to make it sound good on my factory system without hearing distortion or fluttering.

My question, is there another way I can set the head unit to only play the higher frequencies on the front speakers and the lower on the 6x9s?