View Full Version : what you think about this set up ??

09-26-2007, 10:52 AM
im just planing my new system. i will use morel comps. it will be supremo comps.
with 3 jl slash amps. two 450/4 and one 500/1.

the two 450/4 i will use it in bridge. that means front chanel = 300 and rear chanel= 150 of each amp 450/4.

i will use the rear chanels of each amp to power the tweets (150 each ) (piccolo supremo)

i will use the front chanels of each amp to power the mids (300 each)

and with the 500/1 i will power two 10'' w3v3

what you guys think ?

the hu is a alpine 9835. so i will use "Y" to split the signal of each preamp outpout of the HU. i will do like this:

the signal going in to the amps will be full range ?? i mean using the amps in bridge, can they do full range ??