View Full Version : T3 TSS 10" review

09-22-2007, 01:26 PM
i was lucky enought to come across and 10" TSS sub and i desided to see what the sub has to offer. I put the sub in a 1.75 cubic feet encloser with a 4" aero port tuned to 33hz, and put it in my 2004 Ford Explorer with the sub and port back configeration. I then hooked up a Arc Audio KAR1000.1 @ 4ohm to produce 700watts for the break in period. After a day of break in at low volume i wired the sub down to 1ohm so the amp would produce 1100watts to get the full potential out of the sub. I poped in a little Boston Accoustic - woofer cooker and cranked up the volume and man the lowes from this sub is rediculous. The 1 10" can easily do shirt tricks through the truck window. Everyone that heard it could not believe it was a 10 it really sounded like 2 decent 12's in a ported box. I said ok the sub can play lows and get pretty loud but how does it sound on real music. I threw some Jack Johnson - Bubbly toes, the sub owned the song, every kick bass and double drum sounded flawless i was truly impressed. I then moved to some Alien Antfarm- True Criminal and it stayed with the fast drum beats with no problem, smooth and accurate. i would rate this sub in the top 3 best subs that i have heard rating as followed

Output -9/10
Midbass Blend - 7/10
Smoothness - 8/10
Looks - 10/10
Price - 8/10

Total 42/50

pics and video to follow soon