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03-14-2003, 01:40 PM
i was talking to an audiobahn dealer and he says that for my 12 Q'z i need to build a box that is framed with 2x4'z (or will 2x2) workand i read where a guy use threaded pipe so that he didn't have to subtract for the 2x4'z ? also he says that i need to tongue and grove the seams cause they will blow out other wise is this true? next I plan to use 1" MDF, to be creative can u tongue and grove plexi or is this idea to much and is just using some sealer good enough? ( gaskets work for cars why not car audio) get back at me thanks

03-14-2003, 02:52 PM
Let's see here my brother... sounds like rep was trying to make his products sound a little better to me. :rolleyes: Don't believe the hype. You can use regular MDF with MDF bracing. You don't need the 2 x 4's if you make some MDF braces on the insde of the enclosure. As for the tonue and groove that's up to you. But I will say this. I bet you money. If you take two pieces of MDF with clean straight edges. And glue them together with Urethane wood glue. The MDF will break before the Glue will.

I'm not using threaded pipe. I'm using threaded rod. It's basically like a big long a$$ screw :D. It's still in the developement stages. I can't get around to quickly just yet. But the biggest advantage I see is less volume taken up by bracing. So your enclosure doesn't have to be as large.

depends on what you want to do with the plexi. If you want to make a window. I would use your router to cut a hole whatever shape you want your window to be. Just make sure your plexi overhangs the hole by at least one inch all the way around. Then from the outside of the box. Use a round over bit around the window edges. Then you can run a bead of silicon around the edges of your hole on the inside. And mount your plexi on the inside. Be sure to predrill the holes in the plexi and MDF before you attempt to put the screws in . :)

03-14-2003, 05:45 PM
thats what i was thinking .......he was attempting to make it sound impossible to make this inclosure......i am going to make it use'n mdf as the support cause i don't want this thang to be 1,000lbs ( well not that much ) and if i also seal the box with a cauck of some kind i think it will be fine the plexi is going to be a pure experiment cause i never used it b4 thanks for the reply peace

03-14-2003, 05:49 PM
no problem man. Good luck. :)