View Full Version : iPod to CDA-9855 Connectivity Question

09-18-2007, 11:22 AM
I'm looking to make this work with my 5th Gen 30 Gig. My question is do I HAVE to use Alpine KCA-420i? Or can I use KCE-422i?

The main visual difference is the KCA-420i has a small box attached, which I am assuming adds functionality that the CDA-9855 lacked during the "catch on" phase of iPod and connectity to your after market deck.

The KCE-422i is just a wire.

Let me know your thoughts... I'm watching a KCA-420i on Ebay and see them go for 50-60 bux at the very least. Compared to the KCE-422i at 19.50 shipped!

Do you see my dilema?

09-18-2007, 12:26 PM
that unit does not have the high speed connector port, you need to use the 420i with the box and connect via AI-Net

09-19-2007, 04:07 PM