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09-15-2007, 05:51 PM
Hello Forum,
i have a few question i have just upgraded my car audio system from kenwood deck to pioneer 6700 mp i am trying to figure out how to set the frequency and q sound on stereo i cannot figure out how to do it because i do not understand indepth the way this works i tried playing with it but then i muffle my subwoofer and speakers ect i have mtx 300 rms amp 300 rms sub can someone kinda help me by advising how i shoud set this feature up in my stereo i also have 5/14 front mtx and 6x9 rears please i am stuck forum i do not know what to do the preset eq is fine but id like to set something nice up thanks Guys & Girls.

09-15-2007, 06:39 PM
do u have the mids on the stereo or a seperate amp

how does the sub sound good or muddy

let me kook at the eq on that real quick on pioneer to see how to change it i usually have the higher ends models that have more play

09-15-2007, 06:44 PM
also depends on main music type u listen to,
i suggest putting the loud on and in mid position, set the low,mid, high to lowest position and turn up radio to comfortable listening position then adjust them seperately until u get the sound ur looking for otherwise u will probably get 30 differnet opinions

09-15-2007, 07:01 PM
ok and if u press and hold the subwoofer key it will turn on the ex-eq which smooths off the music and then u can adjust the bass and treble seperately in the audio menu now for these

there is also another function on here if u hold down the audio button for 4-5 secs a new menu will pop up that will allow u to adjust what the cutoff frequency and q factor (for each frequency cut off range low,mid high)
what this does is allows u select the frequency that each cuts off at (ont play frequency aboce the hz selected)
so for low select the frequency( i think its 50,80,125 hz whatever u select it will not effect freq above that by pushing right/left then u can also use up/down for q factor (itll say 1w,2w,1n,2n) this is wide and narrow (usually up wide sounds better in my opinion)

next do the same for mids select the cut off freq u like for these prob 200,500, 800hz
same applies with the wide and narrow

finally do the highs 2k, 4k, 12.5k i believe and again wide and narrow

if u adjust these at ur normal listening volume u should be able to acheive the sound u want just play with the settings for a little while

do these with ur subwoofer off in the radio so u can get ur mids sounding good

next turn on ur sub and adjust the sub menu ( is ur sub in a sealed or ported enclosure)
sealed is more forgiving so the freq wont effect it as much
i dont know how amny preouts this deck is but findout and set ur amp gain know to match the incoming voltage from the headunit (amp gain is backwards to it starts high volts like9.0 or something and gets lower as u turn clockwise usually to 0.2V this should be equal to ur radios output to prevent clipping which can cause the sound to not be goot among also damaging the speaker or amp sometimes
set the freq on the stero under sub to the freq that sounds good again depends on ur application
does ur amp have a bass knob if so turn it all the way up and then set the amp so if u want to turn it down for cops, thieves etc u can turn it down dont set ur amp and then turn this up again clipping

finally if ur amp has a subsoinic filter turn it on and set it aorund 25=28hz these freq u cant here with the human ear and have the potentioal to damge subs so this will not allow them to play
it is impossible for someone to tell u how to set ur settings perfect unless they have the same equiptment and same car due to staging and the way in which ur vehicle carries sound

09-15-2007, 07:02 PM
hope that helps anyone know what the preout is on the deck im missin it on pioneer

09-15-2007, 07:04 PM
found it on there its 2.2V so try an d set the gain around where 2.2v would be on ur amp probably around 3/4 of the way up imagine w/0 seeing the amp

09-16-2007, 04:19 PM
ok thanks man with the frequency and q sound i am really lost with this i understand the difference bewteen all 4 options 40 80 125 160 i hear the difference but since ive played with it a lil bit it just does not make the system sound good ive tried both turning sub off and playing with it turning on and adjusting it and i have a lil bit different of amp then i thought MTX THUNDER TC2002 2-Channel AMPLIFIER 600 watts with MTX AUDIO T4512-04 12 INCH SINGLE 4 OHM CAR SUBWOOFER Rear speakers MTX Thunder Dome-Axial 6" x 9" Speakers (TDX6 902) fronts are MTX Thunder Dome-Axial TDX5202 5 1/4" Car Speakers and of course the pioneer 6700 mp so thats everything looked serial numbers and all really with all said and done im in over my head with this frequency and q sound if looked up many things on the net i just dont understand what sound i want coming from the front and rear speakers when we look at frequency and q sound i will for sure do what you suggested with my amp to match my pre outs volts just looking for some help with this freq and q sound setting what each one means ect other then that everything sounds good on the regular eq and everything else on the new deck thanks again for helping this confused amateur and i have a single ported box on the fron side

09-17-2007, 06:08 AM
what freq is the port tuned to or is it a prefab box,
the frq u listed above are the bass freq only u have to try and adjust the mid and high frequency as well
what do u have the switches on ur mids amp set to,
also whats bothering u most on how its sounding lmk ill see if i can help by computer,

u might wanna take it to a audio shop where there are authorized pioneer dealer and pay the installer 20 bucks or something to set it for ya,
but lets see if we can get it straightened out first

09-17-2007, 06:11 AM
another option is pick up a decent mids amp like a eclipse or pioneer, rockford for pretty cheap this will amplify ur mids a great deal and give u more flexibility as far as tuning goes

09-17-2007, 04:45 PM
hey man i do not have any amps on my mids or highs my front and rear run off the deck its pretty plain jane only amp is sub amp it takes me turning my stereo to 40 or 50 to get bag for my buck i do not have loud because seems to distort the sound im just looking for the treble in front and rear to have a bit of bass but more mid and high with subwoofer i want all bass ya know anyways im just confused i guess might be best to go to a shop and getting it set im just looking for best results for buck thanks for support tho if you can go over what a best setting with all frequency and q sound would be for each option would be nice to what ive explained and ill try that first seems like 40 sound the best but 80 will not let any muffle of the sub sorta thing i dunno just looking for a moch setting i can try if you could provide a exsample would be fine thanks