View Full Version : components for 350z?

09-10-2007, 10:47 PM
Ok guys im ready for my next step got my z2 installed. Got a 10w6 jl running off a 500/1 jl in a z enclosure box. Now its time to talk about components. I listened to some diamond audios today and they sounded great he didnt have the crossovers hooked up or a sub so too much midbass distorted them so i couldnt hear their full potential. I was however very impressed with them. Im between diamond, focal's, cdt's, and rainbows, and DLS. Its hard for me to compare because i cant listen to some theres not many places in okc with 500 dollar components that you can blast. Component price range i dont wanna go over 500 for speakers. Amp would like to stay around 3. Let me know your input on these or another if you think it could outperform. I want a speaker amp combo that will scream and sound very clear at the same time. I know this topic has been discussed but as much as audio changes i dont think its that big of a deal to ask for more opinions. Also ill be getting pods or custom kicks. Which do you think is better?
Also would 2 way or 3 be better in the Z? thanks again.
Oh by the way i have a 06 350z. thanks guys.

09-13-2007, 01:46 AM
well not any replies not what i was looking for but, i decided to go with the dls iridium 6.2's and a dls 2 channel amp. They are being installed in custom fabed kicks. I cant wait to get them installed they will be covered in black suede to match my charcoal interior. Ill post pics afterwards if anybody is interested doesnt seem like it though lol.