View Full Version : I think I shorted out my head unit...

09-10-2007, 08:56 PM
I bought a used 7998, the one from a few years ago with the 1.5 DIN face that folds in when you turn it off.

I wire it up, reconnect my battery, then I go to rest it inside my center console so I can turn it on and make sure everything is cool before I attach it to the brackets and replace the OEM radio surround.

Coming off the back of the unit are RCA's and a little silver box. The box is lised in the manual as a DC/DC convertor. It's connected to the main unit by a roughly 6" long green cord. As I place the headunit in the console, the DC/DC box touches a metal bracket for my dash and makes a small white spark.

Now the unit is completely dead. It doesn't respond to the 'open' button or the remote. I know my wiring and fuses are fine because I swapped in my previous headunit and it powers up no problem. The unit has no fuse, at least that is accessable without opening it up.

Do you guys think I fried something? I don't really know what else could be the problem. If I take it to an Alpine dealer will they be able to test it? Will Alpine fix a unit that is this old?

I'm 99% sure the seller didn't give me a bad unit so I'm going to rule that out for now.