View Full Version : Head unit fried after using my blackberry as an mp3 player?

09-06-2007, 10:49 PM
Basically, I have an older head unit(blaupunkt tape/cd changer) which goes into a pioneer 4ch amp that runs all the speakers. That was crap, so I converted the rca inputs for the cd changer into 3.5mm, and was running my Ipod nano for the longest time. No issues.

Fast forward to today: I recently got a blackberry curve(smartphone) with a 2 gig card, so I have like 20 albums on it. I was replacing the Ipod with this as it does the same thing.

It was working great too, except at a lower volume than the ipod, so i was having to turn it up a lil louder than normal, but not crazy. Now today I plug it in and hear some mean static, and now when I play music, its Way quieter, and if i turn it up to my normal jamming levels(it wont get nearly as loud anymore) the speakers sound like they are popping/cutting out when the bass hits.

The funny thing is the speakers still sound alright when its turned up about 75%, but its still significantly quieter.

Im pretty sure I didnt blow all 4 speakers at once, and in the same way, so what could be the issue here?

By the way the radio now has the same issue, so its not only this line-in.

Im about ready to go buy a new pioneer 2900 with an aux in, but im not positive that its the head unit yet.

Any help?

09-07-2007, 12:21 AM
Keep in mind, I do not know for certain, But I might guess, you toasted the AMP.

Maybe the Blackberry (Crackberry) just had too much of a dirty signal and clipped your amp to death..

I guess that, because you stated, with out the crackberry, you still have the same issues from the deck. Assuming it's with either an FM Signal, or CD.