View Full Version : Am I understanding this right?

09-06-2007, 06:19 AM
Ok, so I have a 12" kicker comp, here's the box design specs per the manual:

Using this, it seems optimum box area is 2.25^3 ft.

Using the thread, I would want to use a plan that says 2.25 @ xx, such as this one:
2.25 @ 32

Are there any other calculations to take into consideration, or should this design picture suit me just fine?

09-06-2007, 06:26 AM
you need to take into consideration that your woofer will take up some of that room, so you may actually end up with only 2.15 ft^3 or something. you may need a bigger box if you need 2.25

09-06-2007, 06:53 AM
Oh, ok. In the manual it also says 2.25 + port displacement. is that factored in these designs? Is the 2.25 one what I want? (well it would probably be like 2.35 according to what you said)

09-06-2007, 07:16 AM
yeah, that is displacement + port. this box should be fine for you. I doubt you'll notice any difference with only .03-.06 cu ft missing. I would say you should be good with this box.