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slim j
09-05-2007, 12:59 PM

Which of these creates the strongest bond between plastic and mdf

1) ca glue
2) liquid nails
3) two part epoxy
4) fiberglass resin with small holes
5) plastic body panel adhesive (stuff made by evercoat)

09-05-2007, 01:15 PM
I'd bet either 2 or 3

09-05-2007, 01:27 PM
depends on what you are doing... are you laying a piece of plastic on the mdf or are you putting it like perpendicular to the mdf?

2 part epoxy works well on plastic, but I have never used it on mdf.

Is it going to be for looks or performance? If you want it to look good, I would NOT use liquid nails

slim j
09-05-2007, 01:31 PM
I am affixing a ring to a door panel.

Mostly for performance as I will be covering it up in microfiber

09-05-2007, 01:37 PM
use 3M 5200 that **** is strong enough to glue a 10000 lb keel to the hull of a boat and it ripped the hull apart when they tried to remove it

slim j
09-05-2007, 01:38 PM
will it stick to a door panel?

slim j
09-05-2007, 01:46 PM
I think this

3M™ Marine Adhesive Sealant Fast Cure 5200

may be the ticket

09-05-2007, 02:13 PM
I responded to this on DIYMA.

09-05-2007, 02:30 PM
The 3M stuff will probably be as strong as you're going to get. I do know that I used a 2 part epoxy on some PVC ports and there is no way in hell I'm ever going to get them out. I tried my hardest to remove one on a test piece and I almost broke my arm.

slim j
09-05-2007, 05:10 PM
Well....here is what I come up with:

I am going to use this to attach rings to my door panel and a-pillar:


Then use this to smooth it out and whatnot:


Grand total is $61.93

Is that more or less than what you pay for similar products?

Or I can use the two-part epoxy, fiberglass, and body filler I already own.