View Full Version : 94bubble=questionable guy

09-04-2007, 11:35 AM
I traded him my memphis mojo, 2000d, for his 15" RE Destroyer+50.00 cash. He sent me the sub first, and then i shipped out the amp. No problems there. He was originally suppose to include the money order in the box with the sub. But it was later discussed that he would send it out the following monday, so i said that was fine with me. I waited, and waited, and called him a couple times and got no answer. He called me backk one day to tell me the money order was returned to him. I then, gave him my work address....and he said he would get it out FIRST thing the next day. So here it is almost 2 months later, and i still havent gotten it. I understand that its "only" 50 bucks.....but thats not the point. If anyone knows this fella, please relay this to him. Im a very understanding person, and was in no rush in the first place for it, but now 2 months later? kinda rediculous!

09-17-2007, 12:19 PM
bump....still have yet to hear anything from this fella....anybody on here know him? Pm me with any info, thanks!